Flutter package to get Instagram user details

Flutter package to get Instagram user details and download reels videos.

It is very essential package if you are integrating instagram details of any user.
Get Instagram details of User by profile url Flutter.
We can get any instagram user details like profile image url , followers count, following, instagram feed images urls, instagram bio.

Instagram flutter package

How to Use 

import 'package:flutter_insta/flutter_insta.dart';

Get profile details 

FlutterInsta flutterInsta = new FlutterInsta();
await flutterInsta.getProfileData("coding_boy_); //instagram username

Use instagram profile details #

print("Username : ${flutterInsta.username}");
print("Followers : ${flutterInsta.followers}");
print("Folowing : ${flutterInsta.following}");
print("Bio : ${flutterInsta.bio}");
print("Website : ${flutterInsta.website}");
print("Profile Image : ${flutterInsta.imgurl}");
print("Feed images":${flutterInsta.feedImagesUrl}");

Download Reels video #

String downloadLink =  await flutterInsta.downloadReels("https://www.instagram.com/reel/CDlGkdZgB2y/"); //URL


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