Exploring Battery Plus Package in Flutter

Using Battery Plus Package in Flutter

The battery_plus package in Flutter provides comprehensive functionalities to access battery-related information on both iOS and Android devices. This package allows developers to retrieve crucial details such as the current battery level and the device's battery state, including whether the device is charging or discharging. Additionally, developers can monitor changes in the battery state in real-time by subscribing to battery state changes using the provided stream. This package simplifies battery management in Flutter apps, enabling developers to create efficient and responsive user experiences based on the device's battery status.

1. Add Dependency

  battery_plus: ^2.0.0

2. Import Package

import 'package:battery_plus/battery_plus.dart';

3. Create Battery Instance

Battery battery = Battery();

Create an instance of the Battery class to access battery-related functionalities.

4. Get Battery Level

int batteryLevel = await battery.batteryLevel;

Use battery.batteryLevel to get the current battery level as a percentage.

5. Check Battery Status

BatteryState batteryState = await battery.batteryState;

Use battery.batteryState to get the current battery status, such as charging, discharging, full, etc.

6. Subscribe to Battery Changes

StreamSubscription batterySubscription =
    battery.onBatteryStateChanged.listen((BatteryState state) {
  // Handle battery state changes

Subscribe to changes in battery state using onBatteryStateChanged and handle the state changes accordingly.

7. Dispose Subscription (Optional)


Dispose the subscription when no longer needed to free up resources.


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